Gateway To the Professional World

If you are pursuing your degree and wish to be successful in the very first attempt, then this program is what you need the most!
This program will give you the English fluency to succeed in any profession you choose. Fast Track lets you complete the program FAST. You will study 6 hours a day and complete one level of instruction in 4 weeks. If you have more time, GENERAL TRACK will allow you to complete your learning at a less intensive pace (4.5 hours per day). Both are full-time programs and you are all set!

  • Social Graces, Etiquette, and Body language
  • Etiquette of Dressing
  • The Basics of Interpersonal Communication
  • Displaying Courteousness and Thoughtfulness at the Workplace
  • Business Communication
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Professionalism



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